Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Final Legs

We hit the road south from Niagara Springs feeling pretty... damn... good. Either the hangovers hadn't caught us yet, or the feeling of sunshine masked the booze from the previous night. 
The farmland quickly turned back into high desert as we crossed through a couple mountain passes still covered in snow. 
Finally on the 80, we turned back west for the first time of the trip. First nights destination was Winnemucca, but I ended up burning out my ignition module on the shovel. Not to worry, we brought points... but forgot a points backing plate. Shit. 
Peg pushed the last 25 miles into town, where Gus, forced by the chopper gods, came and got me. Thanks again brother! The following morning, Sonora was in our sights. The final leg, and the only day with a majority of sunshine! Oh well, great trip. Rain or shine. 
Wicky's breakfast of champions: strawberry milk. Wolf isn't on that diet. 

Wells Nevada. Rain suits on... again

Winners Hotel/Casino, Winnemucca 

Blackjack for breakfast

I'm not sure how to type tears...

Gus skating Lovelock park

Riding to a scope out a secret camp spot

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Niagra random photos

Thanks NYD. I'm still tired. 

Nice to see some old new friends. 

Tent???  Who needs one 

Nice scenery 

Whikey jammin on Sonora pass 

Ahhhh.... Almost made it 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Niagara Springs

Our usual timeline got us on the road in the sun, but with almost 200 miles to go, the weather on the horizon looked a little different. 
But our fearless guide New York Donny, got us to the campsite without our rain suits on. Just a little muddy for a weekend of good food and good party!

Crossing the Snake River for the first time

Looking a little dark...


Mud slide

Met the Farm Boys CC. Great dudes. We'll see you guys again soon!

View from the top of the cliffs

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Help a brother (get) out!

Please make a donation if you can. Some bikers from Austin need our/your help. They would do it for you so help however you can. 1 piece, 3 piece, no piece, we all have motorcycles in common and we need to stick together.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Day Two

The strong aroma of sage brush quickly replaced the smell of fresh sun screen. The sun was out, but the air remained cool, with a pattern of clouds scattered along the horizon that resembled left over popcorn on the floor of a theater. 
The road stretched out in front of us, void of any traffic, with the only disruption being the small towns which looked like they were stuck, frozen in a better time. 
The chopper gods were smiling down on us though. As route 395 and highway 20, wove us through, in between, and around every single storm of our 410 mile trip to Vale. Sometimes we were surrounded by rain, but the road in front of us snaked through the drops, leaving us completely dry for almost the entire trip. A couple peg pushing adventures at the end of a couple long stretches, left us riding shoulder to shoulder, on the shoulder, enjoying the scenery in the slow lane. 
The last bit of the trip, we followed the Malhuer River as it made it's way through the mountains and into the valley where Vale was. Wicky, Donny, cold beer and pizza were there to greet us. Another long day, ending perfectly. 

Likely CA

Lake overlook

Peg pushing

Riley OR. Only gig in town

Following the Malheur River

So close...